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Sugar Bun Sisters (Manchester)

11 Apr

Tucked away in a corner of the Traders Outlet in Sale you’ll find a lovely alcove put aside for the Sugar Bun Sisters. In case it ends up playing on your mind, yes, they are sisters. With that cleared up, there are the cakes. These are excellently crafted but the real appeal is the quirkyness.

Let’s start with names. Sugar Bun Sisters is a play in the Stone Roses track “Sugar Spun Sister”. And the theme carries on into the cakes with classic hits such as ‘Twisting my Lemons’ and ‘Red Velvet Underground’. There’s also a continuing theme with Manchester artists as seen from the Liam Frost and Frank Sidebottom cakes. However, I thought the best way to convey the coolness of these cupcakes was through an artistic and creative tool. I am of course talking about Powerpoint.

So grab a glass of milk, put on your best ‘watching a Powerpoint presentation’ face and enjoy.

Chocolate, Banana, Toffee and Lemon

14 Nov

Dictionary.com defines a cupcake as:

  1. A small cake baked in a cup-shaped container and typically iced.
  2. An attractive woman (often as a term of address).

As I would never be so crass as to discuss the second definition, I am of course talking about the first.  Sweet Tooth Cupcakery on Oswald Road in Chorlton. Situated next to some old garages in a building which you could easily pass off as being in need of some good demolition, the interior is what you would expect from the name. Floral patterned, pastle colours and a beautifully quaint wooden pull-draw display case housing the delicate looking cupcakes.

Despite really loving the cupcakes, I’ve found this blog really hard to write. Don’t imagine that this is because I didn’t love the cupcakes, because I really did. Even after a big sunday dinner, I still manged to eat two of them and that cream on top is rich and dense. The truth is I get a little too emotional about desserts. A long love affair with sugar based dishes started with my grandfather making me chocolate Angel Delight and carried on ever since. So now when faced with anything sweet and delicious, I find it hard to put into words how good it is.  So for a change and to get me out of forcing out an unsatsifactory blog, I’m going old school with a ‘Hartbeat’ flavour.

If you can’t see the gallery clips below, they are up on my Facebook page. I would also recommend having the Hartbeat gallery music to acompany this in the back ground, which you can find here. So as the irriplacable Tony Hart used to say ‘Now, it’s time for the gallery’

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