Get drunk, Cuban style

8 Dec

Once in a while, a great thing will happen. I love rum, specifically Cuban rum and I’ve drank more Havana Club than I should. I was recently introduced to a Havana Club I’d never heard of.

While dining out in Birmingham, I spotted this little gem nestled in amongst the rums at the bar.

'That one there please. The god-like one in the middle'

The 15-year Havana club is a special drink. For any spirit drink, the dream is all of the flavour with none of the harsh, bitter, throat gargling kick back (I’m looking at you Smirnoff vodka.. and you Gordon’s gin). Dash of coke, squeeze of lime and run the lime slice around the rim of the glass just for good measure. It’s so smooth, you’ll swear you ordered a glass of liquid velour. Deep warming flavour, tang from the lime and easily refined enough that you could sup it like Ribena

For £116, a bottle could be yours, or as I found £11.50 gets you a single measure. Give it a go but check the balance at the cash machine if your planning a heavy night on the Havana Club 15-year.

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